Taylor Hanson on Tinted Windows reunion with Adam Schlesinger

When Taylor Hanson talked to Yahoo Entertainment back in 2018, he had hopes of reuiniting with his supergroup, Tinted Windows, alongside Adam Schlesinger, who passed away from Covid complications on April 1, 2020.

Video Transcript

LYNDSEY PARKER: Is there going to be a second Tinted Windows album? This isn't for the interview, this is just for my knowledge.

TAYLOR HANSON: I would like for there to be.

LYNDSEY PARKER: Oh my god. You don't even know how much I love that.

TAYLOR HANSON: Do you know what it's going to-- I think at this point it's really-- what's crazy is if there is another one, it's going to be 10 years.

LYNDSEY PARKER: Yeah you guys can-- Yahoo was a different office than here--


LYNDSEY PARKER: --but you performed at Yahoo at that time. That was my first on-camera interview.

TAYLOR HANSON: Is that right? We should just do like--

LYNDSEY PARKER: It was my number one album of that year.

TAYLOR HANSON: We should just do like a Yahoo single just for you. I'll call up Adam. Pick a weekend--

LYNDSEY PARKER: Are you actually being serious?

TAYLOR HANSON: I'm serious.

LYNDSEY PARKER: Oh my god, yes.

TAYLOR HANSON: Pick a weekend and be like, Tinted Windows recording a special song.


TAYLOR HANSON: I wanted to say it would be really cool.

ZAC HANSON: And then just do a featurette.

LYNDSEY PARKER: If you're actually serious I would completely take you up on that.

TAYLOR HANSON: Let's text Adam right now.


TAYLOR HANSON: I'll text Bun E. And James too. Group text.

ZAC HANSON AND ISAAC HANSON: Group text! Tinted Windows text!

TAYLOR HANSON: Or we could start the whole interview with Taylor Hanson's group texting James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, and Bun E. Carlos. It's like why is he-- why is he texting them?

LYNDSEY PARKER: For those people who missed this amazing moment in pop culture, it was my number one album pick for that year. Tell me about the Tinted Windows phenomenon. It was a supergroup in every sense of--

TAYLOR HANSON: Yeah, it was fun. I love supergroup because it sounds like there's Superman and Batman, and--

ZAC HANSON: What's your powers?

TAYLOR HANSON: (LAUGHING) Yeah. Yeah, what is your power? So supergroup is a funny term. So four different guys from-- already had success in other facets. So obviously, myself in this little outfit, and then Bune E. Carlos is our drummer from Cheap Trick. James Iha plays guitar-- Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle, and Adam Schlesinger Fountains of Wayne and many other things as a writer-producer.

That was formed 2007. So we started talking about it and the record came out in 2009. And it was a blast. It started with Adam and I talking, and he and James have known each other for years. And essentially just wanting to do a project that didn't have any strings attached to it, that was really just a musical idea of that essential power-pop, guitar-driven, big melody band record.

It was built around having a relationship. You know, we wrote some together, everybody contributed songs as writers, except for Bun E. So it was a blast to create it. We did share it with a lot of people that year. It definitely has a little bit of a folklore now. I see different folks be like, Tinted Windows, yeah. If nobody knew what we were talking about they'd be like, that's where the drugs are going to get shared. Something like that.


LYNDSEY PARKER: I think some people were surprised at the time it happened, but I think a lot of people didn't know what happened at that time. And when they find out about it now or later-- years later-- they're like, that happened?


LYNDSEY PARKER: And it was only once?

TAYLOR HANSON: Yeah. And so it was born really to try and not overdo it. Say, hey, we're going to do this project, and we'll do some shows, we'll share it, and see how it goes. And so since then, we've said yeah, we should make another record at some point. Maybe 10 years.

I think I would enjoy it now more than even then. Because it was still kind of like, are we really doing this?

ISAAC HANSON: Yeah, what are we doing?

LYNDSEY PARKER: Tinted Windows reunion.

ZAC HANSON: Tinted Windows power.

TAYLOR HANSON: But actually, you know, I don't-- I won't throw you out there because I don't it to be like I'm letting you down. Be like, oh they said--

LYNDSEY PARKER: Just the fact that you even--

TAYLOR HANSON: --they said no.

LYNDSEY PARKER: --would consider it is so awesome. You said there's a possibility and you're going to text them?

TAYLOR HANSON: Yes, I'm going to text them.

LYNDSEY PARKER: And try to get a like an anniversary song going for us?

TAYLOR HANSON: So we've said for a while we should do another record. And you sharing your interest in it, I say let's do something-- maybe do something special for the anniversary.

LYNDSEY PARKER: You heard it here first. It's going to happen. Maybe next year, the 10-year anniversary in 2019?



LYNDSEY PARKER: OK, but I'll remind you after the interview so send that.

TAYLOR HANSON: I'm going to remind myself.

(SINGING) I just want it like it was before. But nothing seems to work anymore. I'm open to suggestion, give me some direction. Tell me what you're looking for. You know I've been working overtime. So I can change--