Taylor Swift changes 'Karma' lyric to reference Travis Kelce — see his adorable reaction

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Taylor Swift had a surprise for her rumored beau Travis Kelce during a recent concert in Argentina.

Kelce was in attendance at Swift’s Nov. 11 show in Buenos Aires to support the singer. During Swift’s final song of the evening, she made a subtle change to a line in her Grammy-nominated tune “Karma.”

The original lyrics for the song are “Karma is the guy on the screen / Coming straight home to me.”

In a video taken by Javi Gutiérrez, a reporter in Argentina, and shared with TODAY.com, the singer made a slight adjustment, singing instead, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs / Coming straight home to me.”

The stadium erupted into cheers after Swift sang the line, but all eyes were on Kelce, with Gutiérrez capturing the tail end of his reaction to the line change on Instagram.

In the video, Kelce held back a smile as he shook his head, clapping along with the crowd to the final moments of the concert. He eventually blew a kiss toward the stage and waved in that direction before breaking into applause again.

More fan videos shared on Instagram captured the moment, including a sweet exchange between Kelce and Swift's father, Scott Swift. After Swift sang the new lyrics, her dad immediately turned to look at Kelce and tapped his shoulder before raising his arms in the air and cheering along with the fans.

The Chiefs’ tight end covered his face with his hands at first as he smiled in the aftermath before he began to dance along to the end of the song. The NFL star was soon joined by Swift’s dad, who mimicked a few of his moves as they bopped along to “Karma.”

Kelce's attendance at Swift's “Eras Tour” was highly anticipated after Swift cheered on the Kansas City Chiefs to victory four games this season.

Swift resumed her tour the evening of Nov. 9 in Buenos Aires. For one of her secret songs for the evening, she broke out the sweet long song “Labyrinth” from her album “Midnights.”

The song's chorus is the same lyric repeated, with Swift singing, “Uh oh, I’m falling in love / Oh no, I’m falling in love again” to fans. In videos from the crowd, Swift appeared to be smiling wide as she sang the tune.

The football star landed in Argentina Nov. 10, a source close to the couple confirmed to NBC News.

Swift's show on Friday, Nov. 10 ultimately got postponed to Sunday, Nov. 12 due to “the weather being so truly chaotic it would be unsafe to try and put on this concert.” The singer shared a statement on social media, writing to fans, “I love a rain show but I’m never going to endanger my fans or my fellow performers and crew.”

Swift’s run of Argentina shows marks Kelce’s second time at the “Eras Tour.” The tight end attended her show in Kansas City in July — a moment that many fans now point to as one of the “invisible strings” that may have connected the two all along.

After attending the concert, Kelce said on his podcast “New Heights” that he tried to give the singer a friendship bracelet at the concert with his number on it — his phone number, that is — though Swift would later wear jewelry featuring his jersey number, 87.

Kelce is currently on a bye week. The Kansas City Chiefs next game is on Nov. 20 in a Super Bowl rematch against the Philadelphia Eagles and Kelce's brother, Jason.

Swift is set to perform in South America for the next three weekends. Her final show in Rio de Janeiro is scheduled for Nov. 19 before she starts performing in São Paulo Nov. 24. It's unknown if she'll attend the Chiefs-Eagles Monday Night Football matchup at Arrowhead Stadium, where her loyalties would likely be tested. Swift, a Pennsylvania native, previously revealed that she historically roots for the Eagles.

While Swift's presence at the game is up in the air, Kelce's mom Donna will be in attendance, along with the winners of the Barefoot Bandwagon contest, in which one new football fan and three friends will watch the game in a private box with the famous NFL mom.

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