Will Taylor Swift be at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade in Kansas City?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs are officially back-to-back Super Bowl champions after taking down the San Francisco 49ers.

The team is bringing back another Lombardi Trophy and is set to celebrate with Chiefs Kingdom at the Super Bowl parade Wednesday.

Taylor Swift joins Chiefs at Super Bowl afterparty at Vegas nightclub

With Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship on full display recently, it’s leading people to wonder if she will make it to the parade.

Here’s the breakdown:

Swift’s Eras Tour picks back up in Melbourne, Australia, at 6 p.m. Friday. Australian Eastern Daylight Time is 17 hours ahead of Kansas City’s time zone.

The parade in Kansas City will wrap up around 2 p.m., which is 7 a.m. Thursday in Melbourne’s time. The flight from Kansas City to Melbourne is 20-plus hours long. That would have her landing in Australia around 5 a.m. (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) Friday at the earliest.

Kansas City-area schools cancel for Chiefs 2024 Super Bowl parade

With that, it seems like Swift being in attendance at the parade is quite a long shot.

It’s not clear at this time what kind of preparation she has to do before the concert and what kind of security checks she has to go through to travel internationally.

“I don’t know, but we are hopeful,” said Chiefs fan Debbie Newton. “She has made it to so many things. We think she has time. She made it all the way from Tokyo, so we think she has enough time to make it to Australia.”

“Absolutely, I think she’ll be there somewhere behind the scenes, but she is going to be in attendance,” said Chiefs fan Tiffany Tuckey.

“She made it to the Super Bowl from Tokyo in a short amount of time, so I feel like if she’s in Australia, she can make it,” said Chiefs fan Heidi Scholl. “I hope she is coming.”

“We are going to the parade. My girls have never been before. The girls’ school was canceled, and we are going to come, and we are hoping to see Taylor,” said Chiefs fan Debbie Newton.

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