Taylor Swift drops a new Christmas song and the music video is full of adorable childhood moments from her home movies

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taylor swift
taylor swift
  • Taylor Swift dropped an original holiday song, "Christmas Tree Farm," on Friday. 

  • The track was accompanied by a music video, made from childhood home movies.

  • "I actually did grow up on a Christmas tree farm. In a gingerbread house, deep within the yummy gummy gumdrop forest. Where, funnily enough, this song is their national anthem. #ChristmasTreeFarm song and video out now," Swift wrote on Twitter at the time of the song's release. 

  • In the video, you can see a very young Swift enjoying winter on the Christmas tree farm she grew up on in Pennsylvania.

  • There are plenty of sweet family moments included: Her dad, Scott Swift, pulls her on a sled in the snow; her mom, Andrea Swift, rubs noses with Swift in 1991; and her younger brother, Austin Swift, opens presents with Swift on Christmas morning. 

  • Watch the video below. 

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