Taylor Swift’s Stage Dive During The Eras Tour Went Viral On TikTok And Now An Olympic Swimmer Has Commented On It

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 Taylor Swift in the Lavender Haze music video with koi fish in the background.
Taylor Swift in the Lavender Haze music video with koi fish in the background.

Not only did Taylor Swift blow Swifities and the internet away with her three hour concert that encapsulates all her eras, she also shocked them by literally stage diving into the stage during her set. Now, after the moment went viral on TikTok, Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky commented on the singer’s dive and “swim” down the stage, and it was perfect.

Fans were shook when Taylor Swift casually dove into her stage during The Eras Tour. After the shocking moment, the "Lavender Haze" singer emerged at the other end of the stage, in a completely different costume, and entered her Midnights era. There are tons of other videos of the moment from the first two nights of the Eras Tour, and this TikTok from popculturefreakk has well over 8 million views, showing just how many Swifties were baffled by the singer's little "swim" downstage.

The moment went viral on TikTok, along with many other moments from her show, like her doing the “Bejewled” dance. News outlets started posting stories about the dive, and wrote about fans freaking out. Now a record-holding, gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer is getting in on the discourse by commenting on the singer’s viral stage dive. Katie Ledecky retweeted a story on Twitter about Swift's dive and swim, noting the singer's impressive stamina:

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Katie Ledecky knows a thing or two about long-distance swimming, considering she has seven gold medals from the Olympics and 19 world championship gold medals. So, when the queen of swimming praises Taylor Swift’s dive, swimming and stamina you know what the singer did is impressive.

What Taylor Swift has managed to do with The Eras Tour is truly impressive, and requires the kind of stamina she’d need to actually swim across her stage. For those who managed to nab a ticket during the Ticketmaster fiasco and attended the opening shows in Arizona, they witnessed a three-hour set that included 44 songs. Said set was made up of tunes from each of her eras and she had specific props, sets, costumes and choreography for every album. So yeah, I think Ledecky has a point, Taylor Swift is the equivalent of a distance swimmer in the world of music, and if touring were an Olympic sport, this singer would have many gold medals by now.

Along with her stage dive, many other moments from Swift’s show (both from her and the audience) have left fans both impressed and shook. From catching Laura Dern and Emma Stone jamming out at the concert to some people witnessing a marriage proposal during the show there have been tons of fun moments that have gone wicked viral. However, Swift’s performance is what fans are truly stunned by, including this iconic stage dive.

Luckily, Swifties will have a chance to see Taylor Swift’s physical feat of a tour as she continues to travel the country putting on her three-hour show that covers all her current albums and possibly teases the “Anti-Hero” singer’s upcoming projects.