Taylor Swift threw a birthday party for Lorde, herself

Martha Tesema

Ditching your teenage years is a big deal. 

Lorde kicked off her 20th year around the sun with a New York City birthday blowout that included some familiar faces like Karlie Kloss and Aziz Ansari—and of course, Taylor Swift. 

The Kiwi singer shared some pictures from her celebrations on Instagram and took some time to shoutout Swift for planning the festivities. 

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"Had the best birthday party I've ever had tonight surrounded by my NYC family," Lorde wrote on Instagram. "All organized by Tay who is as she says 'a mom with no kids.' I am ur kid and u love me so hard i could burst," she continued. 

Lorde took some time the night before her birthday to share a lengthy message to her fans on Facebook about the weight of leaving her teenage years behind. 

"All my life I've been obsessed with adolescence, drunk on it. Even when I was little, I knew that teenagers sparkled," she said. "I knew they knew something children didn't know, and adults ended up forgetting."

"Since 13, I've spent my life building this giant teenage museum, mausoleum maybe, dutifully, wolfishly writing every moment down, and repeating it all back like folklore. And now there isn't any more of it," she penned. "What I'm trying to say is: this is a special birthday. The party is about to start. I am about to show you the new world."

If the new world she's talking about includes Swift and Ansari wearing cat sweaters, then it seems like a mighty fine world to live in.  

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