Teacher on TikTok shares 'genius' trick to make sure her students pay attention

TikTok user The Creator Educator explained a teaching hack that involves hiding an “extra,” sillier task in the instructions of a quiz. Her instruction was to meow like a cat — out loud — during the assignment. students received bonus points if they meowed on their test — but apparently, more than 90 percent of them failed to do so. As several kids meowed, some students seemed baffled by the situation. “Why was everyone saying ‘meow?'”. As one of her students explained, it was “a test to see who was listening”. The method earned praise from parents and teachers on TikTok, with several users commenting that it was a “great idea”. “My high schoolers would start meowing just because others were,” one user wrote. Others were more critical, saying many students might feel too nervous to make a strange noise out loud during a test. “Sounds good except my son has anxiety that won’t allow him to do that,” one user wrote