Teachers can get the COVID-19 vaccine, Texas health officials say

The district added more instructional days compared to last year for all students, and 15 additional instructional days for select students.

Video Transcript

- This was a demand coming from the feds to the state of Texas telling them to include educators and child care providers on those vaccine priority lists. This now includes a wide range of people. Here's a look at who is now eligible. It includes all teachers, staff, bus drivers, and licensed child care providers who work at a daycare, preschool, Early Head Start or Head Start programs, and, of course, people who work at our elementary through high school-level campuses.

For weeks now, Houston and Harris County have already been cultivating their vaccine wait lists. Before this announcement, the county's priority included school nurses, and the city's included teachers, but now they'll have to open this priority list up to include many more of these essential occupations. We did just speak with the union president. Here's what he had to say.

- I am feeling ecstatic. I'm so excited for all of our educators that have been so concerned about this virus and haven't had access until now. We're thankful to the Department of State Health Services for issuing this new guidance. We were especially thankful to the Biden administration and the Health and Human Services office in DC for making it happen.