Teachers garner $39K in 'Friends' grants

Nov. 23—Sampson County Friends of Education (FoE), Inc., awarded twenty-seven Sampson County Schools educators with mini-classroom grants. The total amount awarded for the 2022-23 school year is $38,924.07.

The Corporation is a non-profit organization made up of community individuals interested in helping the Sampson County School System by obtaining resources needed to further the quality of education offered to its students.

FoE, which has been in existence since 1993, funds mini-classroom grants for teachers which focus on a project that will satisfy unmet classroom needs, offers valuable learning experiences, directly involves students, provides ongoing benefits for students, has a mechanism for evaluating its success, and provides well-defined, achievable goals. Projects are read and scored by the FoE's board of directors using a scoring rubric.

All teachers in Sampson County Schools are eligible to apply for a grant of up to $2,000 by completing an application outlining their project overview, a detailed project description, and an itemized budget. FoE receives applications each year in September and awards recipients in October.

This year's grant recipients are:

—Cathay Daughtry, Hobbton ES, "Can You FLEX?" — $602.88

—Sarah Daughtry, Hobbton ES, "Building Knowledge with Kinder Kids" — $440.40

—Bonnie Warren, Hobbton ES, "Give Me a Voice" — $1,918.16

—Carrie Sutton, Hobbton ES, "Watch Me Swing!" — $925.00

—Elouise Phipps, Hobbton ES, "Small Groups Equal Big Learning" — $1,508.00

—Lauren Strickland, Hargrove ES, "Fun and Games" — $818.03

—April Williams, Hargrove ES, "SELing Through the Year" — $1,170.50

—Angela Martin, Hobbton HS, "Holocaust — Live Theatre Performance" — $2,000

—Janette Williams, Hobbton HS, "Daily Living Skills" — $1,785.00

—Heather Jackson, Roseboro ES, "Comfortable Learning" — $1,988.00

—Jemeikka Steele, Roseboro-Salemburg MS, "School Spirit" — $2,000

—Jennifer Gemma Brown, Roseboro-Salemburg MS, "A Lifetime of Fun and Fitness" — $1,500

—David Locklear, Lakewood HS, "Storage Barn" — $2,000

—John Hubbard, Lakewood HS, "Leopard Archery" — $2,000

—Cody Langston, Lakewood HS, "Shop Overhaul" — $1,380.73

—Jennifer Jackson, Clement ES, "Let's Sit Together Again" — $2,000

—Kimberly Jackson, Midway ES, "Material Madness for Kinders" — $1,200

—Cristy Purvis, Plainview ES, "Think Outside the Words" — $1,613.27

—Diana Michelle Herring, Midway MS, "It's the New BUZZ Around School" — $823.55

—Pinda Byrd, Midway HS, "Over the Bridge We Go" — $1,350

—Kristen Ess, Midway HS, "Lighting the Way" — $1,460.84

—Meredith Smith, Midway HS, "REACH (Reinforce, Enrich, Achieve, Challenge, Help)" — $2,000

—Joshua Tew, Midway HS, "New Vibes Equals Good Vibes" — $2,000

—Sandra Peterson, Union Intermediate School, "Mission: USA History Alive!" — $1,067.30

—Jennifer King, Union Intermediate School, "Magnify It!" — $1,872.41

—Zipporah Hayes, Union HS, "Rabbit Husbandry Farm" — $1,000

—Heather Knowles, Union HS, "Sampson Arts Camp" — $500