Teachers want CPS to rethink software rules

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We recently reported on a Chicago Public Schools privacy policy that blocks students from accessing software programs that their suburban peers use for art, design, computer science, math and engineering classes.

What they're saying: "I have worked hard to find resources that add educational value to my students and are free! It's sad to not allow the use of these resources that so many have used for so long," Lane Tech teacher Amy Wozniak wrote on a Change.org petition where more than 2,000 people have urged CPS to rethink its policy.

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The other side: CPS officials have no plans to change their stringent interpretation of a state privacy law or join a consortium of other Illinois schools that collaboratively approve software. Instead, they continue to push software vendors to comply.

  • "We are currently working with these vendors toward a solution to restore these products and services," CPS spokesperson Sylvia Barragan tells Axios.

  • "We're determined to give each vendor agreement a thorough review in an effort to protect student privacy."

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