Team Trump urges GOP to raise the border alarm 'from 3 to 10'

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They’ve issued press releases, given floor speeches, even made a few visits to Texas, but congressional Republicans haven’t seized on the threat of illegal immigration across the border with the urgency to satisfy Team Trump.

Now former President Donald Trump and a top adviser are calling on House and Senate Republicans to start sounding alarms about the historic crisis that they believe will draw attention to how successful Trump’s border agenda was.

“The Republican Party needs to turn this up from a three to 10 on the attention and emotion scale,” said Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s immigration policies.

In an interview after the Customs and Border Protection reported that a record 180,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended in May, Miller said, “There needs to be massive public engagement at every single level. It really is about the survival of the country.”

Trump is also urging stepped-up attention on the issue, which he made a cornerstone of his winning 2016 presidential campaign. Miller said Trump will be using political appearances leading up to the 2022 midterm elections to draw attention to the issue.

“You're going to increasingly see him going out and directly engaging with people,” said Miller, adding that it is the former president’s way around social media bans to make his voice heard.

“That's one thing you still can't shut down in this country, although Lord knows people are trying to. But I think he will increasingly use his gifts as an orator to go out and engage with the public about these issues, and he's gonna have a big part in a Republican win in 2022,” Miller said.

Winning control of the House and Senate, he said, is key to handcuffing the Biden administration’s moves to dismantle Trump’s immigration policies and open the door to more immigration.

Miller said that once back in control, Republicans can use “riders” on spending bills to block President Joe Biden from using money for the Department of Homeland Security and other immigration agencies to ease entry rules, end deportations, and settle migrants nationwide.

The former president and his advisers also believe that with the swift reversal of Trump’s border policies that has led to the highest invasion of migrants in 20 years, the public will see that the former administration’s policies were effective.

“It wasn't hyperbole, all the horrible things we said would happen if we stopped enforcing our laws. People are now seeing it with their own eyes,” Miller said.

“He truly was Samson holding up the whole structure, wasn’t he?” Miller said. “In other words, you look at what was out there in the world, the disaster just waiting to happen as soon as somebody began pulling bricks out of the structure. Look at how quickly the whole house fell down overnight. So I hope people really understand what President Trump did for them.”

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