Tech products focusing on reproductive health at CES 2019

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The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker by Bongmi

Women's reproductive health is taking center stage at this year's CES with products designed to help make life easier and give peace of mind.

The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker by Bongmi

Digital Healthcare company Bongmi has launched its first ever Smart Ovulation Tracker for women at this year's CES. By measuring hormones in urine, the tracker is able to detect the most fertile time of a woman's menstrual cycle. The data will also be saved to to the accompanying app so women have a record and can see when their next most fertile window will be.

The Ivy Smart Ovulation Tracker model FM-105 will be available in March on Amazon from $39 to $89 per month.

Efelya Pregnancy App by Efelya

French brand Efelya has launched its pregnancy app to enable women to keep an eye on their pregnancy and share relevant information with a health care practitioner. Women can record their information on the app to monitor their pregnancy, identify any possible risks, and receive notifications when a risk level changes. The app can also be used pre-pregnancy to identify any common pregnancy-related conditions. Efelya will also help you keep track of any health appointments.

Women are able to sign up now on the website and get started for free.

CES 2019 runs January 8-12 in Las Vegas, USA.

Willow Pump 2.0 by Willow

Willow debuted an update of its wearable breast pump at the event, introducing the Willow 2.0. Like its predecessor, the new pump is hands-free and fits easily into the bra so women can use it on the go. New additions include a quick snap closure so women can get started quicker, a clear flange to orient the nipples more easily and a peek-through window to see the milk flow. 

Willow® 2.0 ships in February and is priced at $499.99