Ted Cruz Jokes About That Time He Abandoned Constituents For A Cancun Trip

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was slammed by critics over the weekend for cracking a joke about his controversial Cancun getaway to attack President Joe Biden for taking a weekend trip to Delaware.

Biden often returns to his home state for weekends, an observation that the GOP Twitter page criticized as “running away from all the problems he has caused.”

Cruz, who infamously flew to Mexico in February as thousands of Texans suffered through a winter storm that left millions without power, shared the GOP’s tweet with his own comment: “Cancun is lovely this time of year.”

The senator quickly apologized and flew back home following harsh criticism for deserting Texans struggling through the crisis, which left more than 200 people dead across the state.

He’s been panned for joking about the trip before, though he apparently didn’t take the feedback on board.

Weekends in Delaware have long been tradition for Biden, who in the 1970s rode the train home from Washington every night when he was a senator, NPR reported. While there, he reportedly mostly stays at home, though he sometimes leaves to go to Catholic Mass or to play golf.

By August, Biden had spent fewer weekends at the White House than his predecessors Donald Trump and Barack Obama had in that time, according to records kept by former CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.

All presidents have faced criticism for taking downtime. Though Cruz was notably silent when Trump, who had golfed roughly four times more than Biden at this juncture of his presidency, logged hundreds of rounds at his own resorts during his time in office.

Constituents and critics offered Cruz some more notes after his latest Cancun quip:

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