Tee Higgins sees the silly trade ideas as speculation breaks out

The Cincinnati Bengals are the winners of the offseason lottery when it comes to baseless trade speculation.

The subject? Wide receiver Tee Higgins.

Higgins is eligible for an extension with the team as he enters the final year of his deal in 2023. From an outsider’s perspective, that makes it seem like Higgins is a possible trade target for other teams, especially with the Bengals urgently focused on the extension for Joe Burrow and undoubtedly setting aside money for Ja’Marr Chase’s extension down the road.

But in reality, there’s a better chance the Bengals extend Higgins right after Burrow this offseason than there is the team actually trades him.

Still, speculation hit a fever pitch on Friday, so here’s a look at what went down and how 30ish other fanbases are wondering if Higgins might be available.

Near the start...

…a misrepresentation of a column by The Atheltic’s Paul Dehner Jr. made the rounds. He merely stated the facts — if things go to the extreme and the parties can’t work something out, the Bengals might entertain massive trade offers. Things aren’t going to get to that point, but we’d be remiss to not point it out. The Higgins speculation had already started by this point, but it serves as a good timestamp compared to Higgins’ reaction tweet.

Higgins' response to it all

The rest of the speculation and reactions

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire