Teen becomes high school's first Black male valedictorian

Ahmed Muhammad is graduating with a 4.7 GPA and making history as Oakland Technical High School's first Black male valedictorian.

Video Transcript

- The first thing I ever wanted to be was an archaeologist and a paleontologist, like I wanted to dig up dinosaur bones. And I wanted to be an astronaut and go to the moon. I wanted to be a surgeon, and now, I say I want to be an engineer.

I was definitely shocked when I found out. You know, the school's over 100 years old in the middle of Oakland, so I'm really surprised that there hasn't been a black male valedictorian before. I would have been happy to get accepted into just one of them, because you know, you can only go to one school. But 11 of them, that's pretty cool.

I did chess, which I love, by the way. This is a side note. I love playing chess.

I'm on the basketball team. I have been for four years. I love it. We're pretty good too. I'll put that out there. You know, Oakland Tech Bulldogs.

I wouldn't say they expect it from me, but they expect me to do great things. And they expect me to believe that I can be great in my life.