Teen ‘black-ish’ star Miles Brown releases debut rap album

Miles Brown says playing Jack Johnson on the hit comedy series “black-ish” has inspired him to speak out about equality and social justice through his art. He does just that on his new hip-hop album “We The Future.” (Nov. 12)

Video Transcript


- Yo, Uncle Madlib. You sick for this one.

MILES BROWN: It's kind of me kind of reaching out to kids in the youth if you look at the cover. And I'm more kind of expressing how we're going to be the ones that are going to be in charge, no matter how long it takes.

- (RAPPING) I ain't saying I'm the realist but amongst the youngest. With a plan to change things, mind saying Obama's--

MILES BROWN: "Black-ish," it's such a groundbreaking show because they've talked about things that no other show has talked about. So that inspired me to start talking about other topics that no other artist is talking about, or no other, you know, kid my age is talking about. So whether it's mental health, being confident, bullying, there's so many-- so many things that are wrong that's going on right now that I can easily speak on.

- (RAPPING) In this day and age, just to engage, we out here creating our own history page.

MILES BROWN: I've always wanted to make music. My dad-- my dad's an artist, so that's kind of why I've kind of always got my inspiration when it comes to music. Just seeing him do his thing, and going on tours, and kind of just showing the impact his music has had throughout different countries and where he's gone, it's kind of always wanted to be like, oh, I kind of want to do this. This looks fun. This has always been something I've always wanted to do since I was really young, but now, it's kind of the time I actually wanted to take it seriously instead of it being, you know, adding onto the fun, if that makes sense.

- (RAPPING) My parents give me praise. They say, Miles, keep improving.

MILES BROWN: No one's ever gonna be perfect, so whatever people tell you, whether you're too young, or you don't look like this, or you can't do certain things, that's why I wanted to make this album. Because it's really calling out for the feature that we're going to be the ones that are in control, and we don't want to repeat the cycle of the way things are going right now.