Teen Boy Gets To Live Out Dream Of Being A Firefighter For A Day

CBS4 Photojournalist Peter Miranda was there to capture Sherrod Scott's experience.

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:30, a 13-year-old boy got to live out a dream. He became a firefighter for a day, thanks to the Miami Children's Initiative. This young man-- you may remember, his six-year-old sister was killed in a drive-by shooting at a child's birthday party in Liberty City, back in January.

- Well, after losing someone so close to him, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue wanted to put a smile on this young man's face, and they did it. CBS4 photojournalist Peter Miranda explains how.

- We found out that this young man desired to be a firefighter.

- It is through moments like this that we're trying to make sure that they understand that their dreams are attainable, and that it's only a phone call away many times. It's just connecting with the right people.

CAPTAIN KEITH BELL: It was a no-brainer to bring them out here to let them get the experience of what it is that we do on a regular basis. So it is definitely my pleasure. And, you know, being at that age, most kids really don't know what they wanna do.

SHERROD SCOTT: It was fun. But the suit, it was heavy, and stuff like that. But otherwise, I felt good. The hardest part was walking up the stairs, like, it was going back and stuff, so I had to lean forward. But that's it.

CAPTAIN KEITH BELL: I want them to leave here, definitely putting a stamp on wanting to be a firefighter for Miami-Dade County.

SHERROD SCOTT: Because I like to help people, because you've gotta put yourself in a position where you gotta be, like, what if that was you? Because you would wanna be helping, right?