Teen boys were cyber-stalked for years over failed romances, CA officials say

Summer Lin
·3 min read

A California woman has been charged with cyberstalking and accused of harassing three teenage boys for years, according to officials.

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, 46, of San Francisco is accused of cyberstalking boys who dated her co-conspirator and sending hundreds of “malicious, deceptive and abusive” messages in order to punish them, a California federal court announced Monday in a news release.

The relationship between Demirovic and her co-conspirator isn’t made clear in the documents.

Demirovic reportedly went to a 14-year-old boy’s school and told him she would “rip [his expletive] heart out” after he dated her co-conspirator for a few days in February 2016, court documents state. Demirovic is also accused of sending the boy’s mother “intimidating messages.”

Later in 2016, Demirovic reportedly sent a 15-year-old boy text messages calling him an “awful human being” after he dated her co-conspirator. According to court documents, Demirovic told the boy that her husband would find him and “it’s not going to look pretty.”

Demirovic reportedly called the boy’s school and employer to falsely report that he used drugs, is physically abusive and has alcohol problems, resulting in Demirovic being barred from campus. Demirovic also used Instagram to mock the boy for his parents being divorced, writing “Do you cry every night because your daddy didn’t want you,” officials said.

After Demirovic’s co-conspirator dated another boy for 10 months in 2018, Demirovic is accused of cyberstalking him for 17 months in “an effort to humiliate” the boy “and destroy his social relationships,” officials said.

Demirovic reportedly impersonated and harassed the boy on Instagram using three accounts and also harassed the girl he went to prom with, according to officials. Demirovic is accused of contacting thousands of people, including friends, family and strangers and sending messages to people the boy knew from school, falsely accusing him of “sexual predation” as well as filing a Title IX sex discrimination complaint against him, falsely accusing him of stalking and harassment.

Federal officials said the alleged harassment and cyberstalking took a toll on the boys.

The 14-year-old “grew anxious, depressed and fearful,” and his grades suffered to the extent that his parents thought about withdrawing him from school, according to the news release.

The second boy deleted his social media accounts, changed his phone number, couldn’t sleep and saw his grades slip, officials said. He also started seeing a therapist and his mother hired a private driver to take him to school after barring him from taking the bus.

The third boy reportedly abandoned his social media accounts, changed his phone number, sought therapy and suffered panic attacks, “social ostracism and permanent damage to his personal relationships.” Officials said he is “traumatized” and “a changed person.”

Demirovic was arrested April 16 and released April 19 on a bond, officials said. She has been charged with cyberstalking and conspiracy to commit cyberstalking, and faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.