Teen Charged With Sexual Assault, Murder of Nevada Cowgirl

Kate Briquelet
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    Fry said she did not know of Britney having any kind of romantic relationship with Dickey. “She didn’t like him like that,” Fry testified.
    There’s his motive right there. She didn’t feel for him in the same way. It’s no excuse, but it’s probably why he did it. Obsessed.
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    Most people in the comment section didn’t read the article and the 32 paragraphs it had.
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    Such a sad story. Hopefully parents make their kids read this. I lost a daughter to a terminal genetic disorder and although wounds this deep take yrs to heal, they still leave scars. I can't imagine how tough this is on her parents, family and friends.
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    If found guilty sentencing and execution of. Sentencing should be carried out immediately, no appeal, just swift justice.
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    I got a ride the other day from a man. When I got in, he asked me if I was not afraid to get in with a possible serial killer. I said, no, I mean what are the chances of two serial killers being in the same car. It was quiet for the rest of the ride.
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    Mister Bluedevil
    The dude look's like something out of the "Hills have eyes". Throw the book at him. However, we are living in a time, where they are claiming that the punishment, shouldn't fit the crime. She may have died, senselessly. Rest in Paradise Britney Ujlaky. Condolences to the Ujlaky Family.
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    "Tolhurst described Dickey as a “shy little cowboy kid,” who’d politely reply to her by saying, “Yes, ma’am." Based on this statement the murder has all the patterns of the very old mentality, "If I can't have you then nobody can."
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    Guys...... If you are not happy being in the friend-zone.... move on!
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    Pontius Pilate.
    There was a time in our nation when our judicial system actually upheld its duties to seek the truth and seek justice upon those who were found guilty of committing a heinous crime such as this one. Sadly those days are long gone. Now we have a judicial system that does not seek to serve justice upon those found guilty of heinous, unspeakable crimes such as this one but rather give someone found guilty of such evil a slap on the wrist and release them back into society within a relatively short incarceration only most likely to reoffend and that is a crime in itself The justice system must be fair and just. Judges and prosecutors must do they job they choose to take which is to seek the truth and to seek justice for the victims of this type of crime and to protect society from those who commit this type of despicable act. If it were up to me he would be granted his rights to counsel and a fair trial If it were up to me if he or anyone like him were to be found guilty beyond all reasonable doubts he would be given the death penalty and executed shorty there after. He and those like him made his and their sick choices and decisions and for they would face the consequences and justice. Justice should always fit the crime and the death penalty is that justice in all cases like this one. It would if I had my say. There is no excuse for something like this to ever happen and no excuse to not seek the maximum justice possible for this POS and anyone and everyone like him.
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    It’s hard to trust guys who initially come off as nice and says or acts like they just want to be friends and only friends. Very few of those are out there that are actually telling the truth.