Teen dead, another wounded after shooting near playground

Police have identified the teenager who was killed in a shooting near a Southwest Philadelphia playground on Thursday night.

Video Transcript

In other news tonight, gun violence has claimed the life of a 16-year-old in Southwest Philadelphia. Action News reporter Dann Cuellar is live at police headquarters tonight. Dan, what do we know about this? Has there been an arrest?

DANN CUELLAR: Yes, Jim. One possible suspect is now in custody. Police say he fits the description of a gunman given by a 13-year-old who was also shot. Crime scene investigators were combing the area in front of the Deritis playground looking for ballistic evidence. Officials say it was around 7:30 that an 18th district officer on patrol saw a 16-year-old male lying on the sidewalk and stopped to investigate.

SCOTT SMALL: The police officer took the 16-year-old victim who was shot in the chest to CHOP hospital. And doctors worked on him. However, he was pronounced dead.

DANN CUELLAR: Police later learned that a 13-year-old male had also been shot in the arm.

SCOTT SMALL: The 13-year-old male was able to run about one block south to the 2300 block of South Ithan Street. And that's where we believe a private auto took the 13-year-old to CHOP.

DANN CUELLAR: The victim gave police a description of the shooter, and police were able to locate an individual fitting the description and took him into custody for questioning. Police say it's not clear yet if the incident began inside the Deritis playground, but there is evidence it may have.

SCOTT SMALL: It appears that there were some individuals here, because we found the jacket, we found some water bottles. So it appears that people were here playing on the playground.

DANN CUELLAR: In a statement tonight, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says the pain and trauma experienced in our communities is unimaginable and we must not allow these tragedies to become our new normal. Our department will do everything to bring justice to these victims and their families. Live at police headquarters. I'm Dann Cuellar. Channel 6, Action News. Jim.

JIM GARDNER: Thank you, Dann.