Teen dies in pit bull attack while trespassing in Texas backyard

Joshua Bote

A 16-year-old boy died after being attacked by three dogs while trespassing in a backyard  in suburban Dallas.

Police officers responded to the scene in Irving, Texas, around 5 a.m. Saturday morning after being alerted of a "suspicious circumstance."

When officers arrived at the home, they saw the three pit bulls mauling the boy, according to a statement. Officers jumped the fence to shield him from the attacks.

One officer was bitten, which led to officers firing at the pit bulls. One of the pit bulls was injured and later euthanized.

"She did what she’s supposed to do,” Guillermo Lorenzo, who owned the home and the dogs, later said of the euthanized dog to WFAA-TV.

The boy was rushed to Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital but died as a result of the dogs' attacks.

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The teen did not live in the home, according to a statement from the Irving Police Department, and it was unclear why he was in the backyard. 

Lorenzo told investigators that the boy was trespassing.

"Nobody has the right to be in this yard," Lorenzo told WFAA-TV.

The officer who was bitten has since been treated and released. The surviving dogs were taken to an animal shelter.

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