Teen facing charges after allegedly driving stolen construction vehicle near UD

Police say a 15-year-old boy was caught on video driving a stolen construction vehicle in Dayton this weekend.

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It happened near the University of Dayton campus near Brown Street and Stewart Street.

According to a Dayton police report, two people jumped in and stopped the dangerous ride.

UD Police said in an incident report the whole thing started at a construction site just a few blocks from where they caught the teen.

The illegal joy ride was caught on video and posted to social media.

News Center 7 showed the video to people on Brown Street Wednesday afternoon.

“It kept going in between lanes and a car, like, dodged it,” said Maeve, a junior at UD.

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Maeve told News Center 7 that she watched it happen Saturday night near campus.

“I know there were a bunch of students on Brown as well and everybody was kind of backing away,” she said.

A UD Police incident report obtained by News Center 7 shows another UD student told police he started chasing the lift when he saw what was happening.

He told officers when the vehicle stopped the 15-year-old boy driving it hopped out onto the sidewalk.

Another video from social media shows the boy running when two UD police officers pull up.

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He got away, but officers caught up with him a short time later on a porch at a home nearby on Woodland Avenue.

The police report shows he gave officers his brother’s name when he was arrested.

“It’s just crazy, but glad everyone is safe,” said Sophie, a junior at UD.

It also said he told police he stole the lift because someone left the keys in it and that he watched a YouTube video on how to drive it before he stole it.

The incident report shows the 15-year-old is facing charges of grand theft, falsification, and obstruction in Montgomery County Juvenile Court.