Teen had friends restrain boy and remove his clothes, girl filmed incident

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A boy hugging himself on a bed.
A boy hugging himself on a bed. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A teenager hatched a plan to pull down another boy’s pants and got his friends to join in the bullying.

The 16-year-old Singaporean boy restrained the victim, also 16, with two male friends, 20 and 16, while one of them undid the victim's belt and pulled down his pants. They then hid his underwear and hung his pants along a walkway.

The trio then recorded two videos, one of which was circulated on social media.

The 16-year-old accused pleaded guilty to a charge of molest on Tuesday (23 November) and a probation suitability report was called for him.

None of the parties can be named to protect the identity of the victim.

On 3 March last year, at about 11pm, the trio, a 14-year-old girl, and a male known as “Ninja”, were celebrating one of their birthdays at a barbecue pit in Yishun.

The victim, who passed by the pit on his e-scooter, approached the group to say hello. The court documents did not state if the victim was acquainted with anyone in the group.

The 16-year-old accused then came up with the idea to pull down the victim’s pants, and his two male friends agreed to join in.

At about 12.45am the next day, the 20-year-old man restrained the victim, pulling him to the ground. He shouted, “faster come and pull his pants”.

The 16-year-old boy then held the victim’s arms while the 20-year-old pinned his legs. The other 16-year-old friend undid the victim’s belt and pulled down his pants and underwear.

The group hung the victim’s pants on a sheltered walkway and hid his underwear in the bushes, ignoring his plea for them to stop. 

The girl began recording a video using her handphone. While the victim’s lower torso was naked, the group again restrained him and removed his shirt. The victim managed to break their hold and hid near a bush where it was dark.

A second video capturing the victim’s shirt being removed was recorded by the accused's 16-year-old friend.

The group laughed at the victim and later returned his clothes. The girl forwarded the two videos to the others in her group.

The victim felt angry and asked the group to delete the videos. The 20-year-old man said he would, and promised not to circulate the videos. 

However, one of the videos was circulated on social media.The victim’s discipline master from school found out about it and lodged a police report.

The accused will return to court on 11 January for his sentencing. 

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