Teen Killed In SW Dade Drive-By Shooting

Bobeth Yates reports the teen's uncle described him as a good man who never bothered anyone.

Video Transcript

- Police are looking for the person they say shot three teenagers in a drive-by shooting in Southwest Miami-Dade. One of the teens was killed. CBS 4's Bobeth Yates is live at the scene with the latest. Bobeth?

BOBETH YATES: Yes, this horrific incident just happened down the street from me. It has claimed the life of a 17-year-old and has left two 16-year-olds in the hospital. Now, officials are passing out this flyer, asking anyone with information about this homicide to come forward.

ANTHONY ANCRUM: This community lost a son.

BOBETH YATES: Reverend Anthony Ancrum spent his morning washing his nephew's blood off the sidewalk in front of his sister's home.

ANTHONY ANCRUM: We see these scenarios. And we thinking thuggery. But this young man was a great young man. And you often hear that in the Black community. Oh, he didn't bother nobody. This kid really didn't bother nobody. This kid was just getting off work and just happened to come to his aunt's house. And now he's dead.

BOBETH YATES: That kid is 17-year-old Clint Young. According to Miami-Dade police, he's one of three teenagers shot during a drive by shooting near the intersection of Southwest 223rd Street and Southwest 115th Avenue.

MYRIAME DAGRIN: I heard a whole bunch of gunshots going on around here. It was like over 20, just keep going.

BOBETH YATES: Investigators say around 8:30 last night, the car came speeding down the street and opened fire, hitting the three young men. 17-year-old Clint died at the scene. And two 16-year-olds were also shot and rushed to the hospital. One is in stable condition. And no word on the second.

ANTHONY ANCRUM: One of the young men who got shot in the leg plays football. So if he's playing football, that lets you know he's doing well in school. You have to have certain grades to be able to play. Now he won't be able to play anymore. He's gonna maybe lose his leg. Another young man that fell at my sister's door, they played football. These are good kids.

BOBETH YATES: Investigators say they currently don't have a motive or suspect and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

ALVARO ZABALETA: It's unfortunate that another juvenile loses their life and another two are at the hospital. And we're urging the community to come together with the police department on this investigation.

ANTHONY ANCRUM: This community's broken. Something's got to change.

BOBETH YATES: Again, this is the flyer that is being passed out for anyone with information about this homicide to come forward. Also want to note that we also got a tweet from the director of police. He was saying that it's so important that everyone comes together about this. Again, it involves juveniles. And they're wanting as much assistance on this matter as possible. He also wished his condolences to the family.

Live in Southwest Miami-Dade, Bobeth Yates, CBS 4 News.