Teen mom questioned by police after newborn baby found buried at mobile home park

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Investigators said the infant was found buried in Southwest Houston (Screengrab/Video)
Investigators said the infant was found buried in Southwest Houston (Screengrab/Video)

Authorities in Texas are conducting investigations after finding the remains of an infant buried in a trailer park after a teenager gave birth to a premature baby.

On Thursday, police said they found an unearthed patch of ground at a mobile home park in southwest Houston, 3500 block of Darlinghurst, where the body of the infant had been buried.

Investigators reached the site after they received a call around 6.30am, according to local media outlet Click2Houston.

According to investigators, a 17-year-old girl went to a local hospital complaining about abdominal pain on Wednesday.

Medics determined that she had given birth two days ago, when she was only about 25 weeks pregnant. However, her pregnancy was a secret from her friends and family.

She told medics that she buried the infant at home following the premature birth. Police said it was not clear if the premature baby was alive at the time of delivery, or if the teen had a miscarriage, adding that it was still early on in the investigation.

The police questioned the girl after hospital authorities brought them in.

Police officers said the medical examiner’s office will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

“I want to make sure that everyone knows that people find themselves in all types of situations, and if there is a possibility that a child is born and the conditions and situations are not suitable to keep that child or care for that child, the Baby Moses Law is still in effect,” Houston Police Department assistant chief Chandra Hatcher told reporters.

“They can take that baby to a fire station or an area hospital and give that child over to someone. They cannot leave the baby at a door or just on sight, they do need to give the baby to someone, no questions asked. So, for anyone who may be in a similar situation that is always an option,” she added.

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