Teen Mom And Prematurely Born Baby Neglected At Border Patrol Facility For 7 Days

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    Lot of stuff wrong with this situation . The article says the mother had an emergency C-section in Mexico ,then crossed the border with the baby . So how is it the fault of the U S that there are complications ? When a 17 year old , 8 month pregnant, has an emergency C-section then wades or swims or crosses the river it is not the fault of the Border Patrol or I C E that there are problems
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    Who tries to sneak into the US when they are 9 months pregnant and then continues the journey after giving birth with a new born infant? Where is this illegal alien's husband? Where are her parents since she is underage? What THIS was about is dropping an anchor baby in the US and getting her foot permanently in the door WITH guaranteed welfare benefits! We have to quit blaming the border patrol and start blaming the criminals who exploit children....and babies as e-tickets for expedited illegal entry into OUR country! This girl has NO way to support this premature baby and it certainly isn't MY responsibility to do so......
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    Use protection ! Not our fault she got pregnant and traveled many miles to have baby for free
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    Neglected? Seeing that she and the child didn't starve to death, one would wonder what our perjuring press now defines as neglect. Hang on Ma'am, they will be releasing you into our country soon where an appearance at any Emergency Room will get you the free medical care for you and your child you were looking for. That and the rest of the freebies is why you made that perilous journey while you were in labor, right?
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    Who is at fault here? The advocates that make these people believe they can just walk in to another Country and nothing happens.
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    Everyone remember that this article is from HuffPost, in other words, CNN in print version.
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    “I looked at that baby and said ‘Who does this to babies?’” Frye said.

    the answer is the mother, she knew the risk crossing the border while her due date is near. off course it is so convenient pointing finger on others.
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    There is a crisis. The border is swamped. Not enough facilities. What is Congress doing to help? Border Patrol is crying for help.
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    How about 1 thousand strangers show up at your house would you be able to house and feed them all? Same thing on our Border we were never equipped to care for so many and we shouldn't have too..
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    Illegal teen mom puts own premature baby at risk during illegal border crossing. There, fixed.