Teen robber charged in Queens shootout with off-duty NYPD lieutenant

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A teen robber wounded during a wild gun battle with an off-duty NYPD lieutenant outside a Queens nightclub was slapped with an array of charges Friday, police said.

Christian Cruz, 18, was charged with robbery, gun possession, assault, grand larceny and possession of stolen property. He is a member of 3MB, a subset of the Trinitarios, police sources said.

The NYPD says Cruz was one of three armed, masked men who confronted Lt. Nathan Yakubov early Thursday as he was walking to his Jaguar outside La Boom in Woodside.

The bandits were looking to rob the 15-year veteran of his jewelry, police said. But Yakubov pulled his weapon, sparking a shootout in which 17 shots were fired.

The botched stick-up is believed to be part of a citywide pattern in which clubgoers and restaurant patrons are targeted for their pricey bling.

Yakubov was shot multiple times and nearly died. Paramedics rushed him to Elmhurst General Hospital in critical condition.

Yakubov’s condition has since stabilized. He is not likely to be released from the hospital this weekend, however.

One of the robbers, Raymierik Lopez, 20, was shot in the chest and stomach and died. The slain mugger’s weapon, a semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine that can hold up to 30 bullets, was recovered at the scene,

Cruz and the other bandit fled, police said. Cruz went to an urgent care center for treatment of a gunshot wound, then ran off when he was told police would be called, a source said.

Cruz later sought treatment at Lincoln Hospital. Staff alerted police and Cruz was arrested, sources said.

The third robber is still at large, police said.

A source said the shot cop was still wearing a gold chain after the shooting and investigators were trying to determine if any jewelry was stolen. It’s not clear which of the robbers shot the cop.

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