Teen steps in when classmate threatens to 'shoot up school'

A witness said the classmate threatened to "shoot up the gym" at Texas City High School, so the student tried to help and intervene.

Video Transcript

- In Texas City, police have arrested a 15-year-old accused of threatening to harm students at a community's high school.

ERIK BARAJAS: And a witness says he threatened to shoot up the school. So another student stepped in trying to help and intervene, but faced punishment. ABC 13's Steve Campion spoke with the teen who stepped in, and the district as well.

Steve, there's two different takes on this story, right?

STEVE CAMPION: Exactly, Erik. Simply put, here's the two sides. A father says his son acted quick when a student threatened to shoot up this high school behind me. The district says that there were adults present in the gym to handle the situation, and that that teen was out of place.

At Jay's Automotive in Texas City, Raith Allemand spent the day working. The junior remains out of the classroom at Texas City High School after he says a student threatened violence when a basketball game turned frightening during gym class.

RAITH ALLEMAND: He started talking about killing us. And everybody started coming up on him, and then he started saying he'll shoot up the school-- shoot up this gym, shoot up the school. And I was like, I went up to him and said, you're not going to kill me, it's not going to happen.

STEVE CAMPION: Allemand says the student took a swing at him. He stepped up, held the teen down, fearful of what he'd do next.

RAITH ALLEMAND: I had this hand on the back of his-- bottom of his-- back of the skull, and then I had-- I had another hand right here under his chin where I can hold him down when I'm laying on my back. So I held them there until I saw the gym teachers coming in.

MIKE ALLEMAND: I know my son, and he's going to try to stop the violence, he's trying to stop what's going on. So I'm worried about-- I was worried about him getting hurt, but he did the right thing.

STEVE CAMPION: The Allemands say the school suspended Raith and threatened to send him to an alternative school as a result of his actions. The district said in a statement to ABC 13, quote, "He was threatened with discipline because he overstepped his place when teachers were handling a verbal altercation. Coaches were present in the gym and deescalating the situation. When the one student made a general threat, the other decided to bypass the coach, approach the other student, and engage him, which led to a physical altercation," end quote.

MIKE ALLEMAND: He chose to-- to not fight but to stop it, you know? And I was very proud of him for that because he turned himself into a hero, you know? That was awesome. And then, he got in trouble for it.

STEVE CAMPION: So the district says that no weapon was found in the kid's backpack. Police did arrest the 15-year-old for a felony, a terroristic threat. As for Raith, his father told us the school has reversed course. He'll be allowed back on campus tomorrow with no disciplinary measures listed on his record. Reporting live in Texas City, Steve Campion, 13 Eyewitness News.

ERIK BARAJAS: Thanks for the update right there, Steve.