Teen subway surfer knocked unconscious riding atop Queens train

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A 15-year-old boy riding on the top of a Queens subway train was knocked unconscious Thursday night when he was struck in the head by an unknown object — but survived the blow, police said.

Police found the teen subway surfer just before 6:10 p.m. atop a southbound No. 7 train on the elevated tracks at the 111th St. station on Roosevelt Ave. in Richmond Hill, cops said.

Medics took him to Elmhurst Hospital with a head injury, a police spokesman said. He’s expected to recover, the spokesman said.

“Riding on top of a subway car is reckless, extremely dangerous and inconsiderate as it causes significant delays for other New Yorkers,” said Pat Warren, the MTA’s chief safety and security officer, in a written statement Thursday. “Seeking a thrill that promises heartache for family and friends is foolhardy; choose other avenues to have some fun, ones that demonstrate respect for those you care about.”