Teen Yellowstone employee suffers third-degree burns at iconic geyser, officials say

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A 19-year-old was badly burned from an iconic geyser in Yellowstone National Park, officials said.

Park rangers helped the woman at Old Faithful on Thursday. She had second- and third-degree burns over 5% of her body, park rangers said.

The woman was from Rhode Island and worked concessions at the park.

“Due to the injuries, the patient .. was taken by ambulance to West Yellowstone and then life-flighted to the Burn Center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center,” park rangers said in a news release.

The incident is under investigation, and park officials did not say if the woman walked on the geyser or left the boardwalks before she got burned.

People from all over the world travel to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful, the National Park Service said. The geyser helped Yellowstone become the world’s first national park.

It’s one of nearly 500 geysers in the park.

“The ground in hydrothermal areas is fragile and thin, and there is scalding water just below the surface,” rangers said. “Everyone must always remain on boardwalks and trails and exercise extreme caution around thermal features.”

The woman’s burn is the first “significant injury in a thermal area” this year.

People have been seriously injured from falling into the water in Yellowstone.

In 2016, an Oregon man may have dissolved after trying to soak in a thermal area. Workers couldn’t find any remains, and park rangers believe he dissolved from the dangerously hot water, the Associated Press reported.

Last fall, a 48-year-old man was hospitalized with “severe burns to a significant portion of his body” from falling into scalding-hot water near the Old Faithful geyser, McClatchy News reported.

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