Teenage boy falls victim to Russian attacks twice in the space of hours in Kherson Oblast

A few hours before the New Year, the boy and his sister were injured in their home in Naddnipryanske when it came under Russian fire. Yaroslav, seriously wounded, was taken to hospital, where doctors managed to “bring him back to the land of the living."

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But in the first few minutes of 2023, the Russian army shelled the Kherson Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, where the boy was in the intensive care unit.

The windows in his ward were blown out, and Yaroslav was evacuated to Mykolaiv, where doctors are continuing to fight for his life.

"Because of the blood-thirsty ‘Russian world’, a child, who was supposed to be happily unpacking gifts and making wishes during these holidays, celebrated the New Year on the operating table under enemy fire," Yanushevych wrote.

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The Russian army regularly attacks Kherson Oblast. On New Year's Eve, Kherson city was left without electricity. As a result of shelling in the early hours of Jan. 1, one person was killed and another one was wounded.

In Kherson, the buildings of the regional children's hospital were damaged: about seven hits were recorded, and more than 700 windows were broken.

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