Teenage First Responders In New Jersey Excited About Receiving First Pfizer Dose

Some of New Jersey’s youngest eligible residents were vaccinated Thursday in Union County. CBS2's Meg Baker reports.

Video Transcript

- Some of New Jersey's youngest residents eligible for the coronavirus vaccine got their shots today in Union County. These teenagers are EMS volunteers. CBS2's Meg Baker reports from Elizabeth.

- A little pinch, OK?

MEG BAKER: 17-year-old Natalia Kruk is a cadet for Cranford's First Aid Squad.

NATALIA KRUK: I'm getting my first round of the Pfizer vaccine. It's not only protecting me, but it's also protecting my grandparents and my family.

MEG BAKER: The senior is one of several 16- and 17-year-old EMS volunteers to be vaccinated at Trinitas Medical Center in Elizabeth.

MAYA TOBOLEWSKI: I'm pretty excited, especially since I'm one of the first teens to get it. I just would like to be protected, especially if I'm working on the front lines.

MEG BAKER: Maya Tobolewski is also on Cranford Squad, riding along on 911 calls and training with EMTs.

MAYA TOBOLEWSKI: I went on a couple calls that really stayed with me.

MEG BAKER: For many of the teens, the cadet program is a segue into the medical field.

- They'll often become EMTs and then move on some time to paramedic, to nursing, even to medical school and other allied health professions. So it is definitely a very important gateway.

NATALIA KRUK: Pediatrician maybe is the goal right now.

MEG BAKER: Kruk says working during a pandemic has proven to her she is where she wants to be-- the front lines, helping others. Both teens hope to be an example for others to get vaccinated. In Elizabeth, New Jersey, Meg Baker, CBS2 News.