Teenage Girl Wanted By Police Taunts Officers By Posing For Selfie On Squad Car

A teenager who is wanted by police after allegedly breaching her home detention conditions has mocked officers on Facebook – by commenting underneath a post of her mugshot.

Dayna Paparoa told police in Auckland, New Zealand that they weren’t doing their jobs properly after the force reached out on the social network for information about her whereabouts.

The 19-year-old then posted a picture on her own profile of her sat on a police car bonnet and said: “JS A LAZY LIL SELFIE”.

Counties Manukau Police first posted her information and picture on the website on Wednesday. 

“Have you seen Dayna Paparoa?” they wrote. “We have a warrant to arrest the 19-year-old for breaching her home detention conditions. 

“She has cut her hair very short and has a tattoo on her right forearm of a black cross with angel wings.”

But, shortly after, police received a reply they weren’t expecting.


Many condemned her post, with one person called her a “silly girl”.

Another wrote: “This immature little girl thinks it’s a joke yet she won’t be laughing once the police officers get their hands on her … Obviously wants to learn the hard way.” 

However, more than 1,500 people ‘liked’ the post – and many other seemed to find it amusing. 

She then followed it up by posing on a police car. 

Counties Manukau Police Inspector Dave Glossop said: “When we do put [photos] on Facebook it’s a genuine effort to stop bugging their family and friends who we’re chasing them through and it’s focusing on them doing the right thing and coming to see us.

“We do get the odd idiot out there who thinks it’s ‘catch me if you can’ and they start sending ridiculous comments and we don’t buy into that.

“It’s people like her who take up a lot of our time … New Zealand is a very small country, we catch people all the time – we just want her to man up and come and see us.”

(Credit: Facebook)