Teenager arrested for allegedly assaulting officer during protest at Iowa Capitol

A state trooper said the protestor grabbed his arm; an activist said the trooper instigated the incident.

Video Transcript

ROGER RILEY: This protest was actually organized by a Cedar Rapids group called Advocates for Social Justice, according to the Black Liberation Movement. They called this arrest illegal and unconstitutional. Now, the Des Moines BLM, in a news release, said that they were protesting several bills. HF535, because it hurts protesters' rights. SF476, because it expands immunity increases protection for cops. And SF479 withholds state funds from cities that defund or reallocate police budgets. Now, long-time Des Moines activist Frank Cordaro was on hand at the protest.

FRANK CORDARO: Well, it was a real surprise and seems to be a provoked action. We were at the end of our demonstration. We were following all the protocols. There was permission-- permission to be there. Now, we were loud, and we were, you know, boisterous, and not often saying-- not always saying nice things. But we're there to protest racism.

ROGER RILEY: Now, Frank Cordaro today was joined by supporters of the Black Liberation Movement at a daily protest. He said this is something they do at the Des Moines Police Station five days a week over the noon hour. Today, he said he was still trying to process what happened to the young woman who was arrested at the Capitol.

FRANK CORDARO: The young woman, I think maybe, I'm not sure, touched his arm just to say, I'm in this conversation. He turned around immediately, cuffed her and arrested her, and started dragging her out. And then it was a scuffle, and there were lots of hard feelings. Because, I mean, we're there protesting the police, and they come in and do this kind of rough job on this young woman.