Teens, Moms Work To Get COVID Vaccine

CBS 2's Meredith Barack reports a group of suburban teens are putting together a mini network to get other teens connected to COVID vaccine appointments.

Video Transcript

MEREDITH BARACK: Brad, all those teens have an appointment already thanks to a local mom, her daughter, and her friends. They're hopeful that with their help, they'll be able to see crowds return to this campus next fall. But finding an appointment for the newly-eligible age group comes with its own unique set of challenges. Pfizer is the only vaccine authorized for 16 and 17-year-olds, therefore eliminating any [INAUDIBLE] giving out Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. Michelle Hess, the mom spearheading the small vaccine-hunting operation, says some websites don't always make clear what vaccine is available. And then, once that Pfizer appointment is found and booked, there's one more hurdle to get over.

MICHELLE HESS: It's difficult for parents, because they have to accompany their minor with them to the appointment. And so sometimes, depending on their schedule, they can't go till after work, or that sort of thing. So I would say that has been a little bit of a bump in our road.

MEREDITH BARACK: So far, they've helped about 200 teens get appointments, and they expect that number to grow as Hess's daughter tells me many teens are eager to get their shot.

BRAD EDWARDS: Meredith, so where are they having the most success in finding those appointments?

MEREDITH BARACK: Brad, I know we're starting to sound like a broken record, but Michelle and Maya tell me that it is the FEMA-run Gary, Indiana mass vaccination site. That is the place to go if you have a 16- or 17-year-old. Michelle and Maya tell me that that is the place that has ease and efficiency when it comes to getting that Pfizer vaccine.

BRAD EDWARDS: Gary, Indiana. We're hearing that a lot. Meredith Barack, our thanks.