Tegra 4 performance crushes current-gen processors

Zach Epstein

Tegra 4 Bechmarks

NVIDIA’s (NVDA) next-generation processors won’t be available in devices until later this year, however early benchmarks have revealed that the new chipset will be worth the wait. Engadget ran a variety of benchmark tests on one of the company’s Tegra 4 reference tablets and was left with scores that in some cases nearly quadrupled the performance of older Tegra 3 devices.

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Tegra 4 Bechmarks

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Tegra 4 Quadrant scores topped out at 16,436 and AnTuTu benchmarks reached over 36,000, both of which more than tripled the performance from comparable Tegra 3 tablets. Perhaps the most impressive result was the 499ms score from the SunSpider test. The Tegra 4 benchmark, which measures web browsing performance, nearly halved Apple’s iPad 4 score of 865ms.

NVIDIA and its partners are scheduled to debut Tegra 4 in smartphones, tablets and the company’s Project Shield gaming device in July.

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