Tehama County Superior Court prison sentences

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Dec. 30—The following are recent Tehama County Superior Court prison sentences. The crime scenarios are per the Tehama County District Attorney's Office. — Trey James Samons — 28-years-old, of Red Bluff sentenced to six years in state prison for felony maintaining a place for selling or using controlled substances, first degree residential burglary/person not present and grand theft of a firearms.

Law enforcement was called to Samons home due to a reported overdose. Samons admitted to living in the home and allowing people to come over to do drugs. Evidence of drug use was found by law enforcement throughout the residence.

In another incident, Samons and an accomplice used without permission another person's credit card to make several purchases at businesses. It was later determined the home of the credit card owner had been burglarized. A pry bar with the name "Trey" written on it was located at the burglarized property. Law enforcement located a rifle and several other items stolen from the burglarized property at Samons' residence. — Brian James Erwin — 41-years-old, of Los Molinos sentenced to six years in state prison for felony receiving stolen property/motor vehicle, two counts vehicle theft, two counts vehicle theft with prior.

Erwin was stopped by law enforcement on a traffic stop during which he claimed to have "borrowed" the vehicle, which was untrue. He was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine and "shaved" keys.

In another incident, Erwin was found on video footage to be in possession of two reported stolen vehicles.

Erwin was arrested in a third during which he was seen on video surveillance stealing a vehicle from the Rolling Hills Casino parking lot.

A fourth stolen vehicle incident involved Erwin being in possession of items from a stolen vehicle at a property located by law enforcement. Erwin was approaching property when he saw law enforcement and attempted to flee but was caught. — Robert William Farwell — 54-years-old, of Red Bluff was sentenced to 4- years to life in state prison for felony torture, attempted murder, willful harm/injury to child, assault with deadly weapon, two counts corporal injury to spouse/cohabitant, two counts criminal threats, false imprisonment, resist/obstruct peace officer, assault with a semi-auto weapon and child abuse.

Over the course of three days, Farwell imprisoned, threatened and tortured a woman in which he was in a relationship, punching, kicking and striking her. He smothered her, bit her and pistol whipped her. Farwell also pistol whipped the couple's child and kicked another. The woman was able to escape to a neighbor's house and get help. — Sydney James Halbersma, Jr., — 52-years-old, of Red Bluff, sentenced to five years in state prison for inflict corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant and inflict great bodily injury.

Halbersma was in a relationship with a woman who he accused of "cheating" on him. When she agreed to appease him, he beat her and choked her, then cut her with a shard of glass over a two day period. He also took a gun and shot it over her head. When the woman was able to escape, Halbersma vandalized her vehicle. — Hector Rosario Jimenez — 34-years-old, of Los Molinos was sentenced to four years and eight months in state prison for felony false imprisonment by violence.

Jimenez accused his girlfriend of cheating on him, then beat her and said he was going to kill her. She was able to flee and get help.

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