Telecom giant Kyivstar sees no point in shared national roaming in safe areas of Ukraine

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VEON did not make a forecast for the year
VEON did not make a forecast for the year

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Komarov said he does not consider it necessary to continue providing the National Roaming service in relatively safe areas, as it is not commercially viable for the development of the industry.

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"The use (of national roaming) fell by about half,” Komarov said.

At the beginning of the all-out war, major Ukrainian mobile operators Kyivstar, Vodafone, and lifecell agreed on the launch of national roaming throughout the country.

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A little later, they also launched mobile Internet within national roaming.

“It was very widely used in the occupied territories, where the stability of the reception varied greatly,” Komarov said.

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“After (services in) the occupied territories were shut down... today, we have a distribution close to the market (share).”

According to him, every week, about 500,000-600,000 subscribers use national roaming, of which Kyivstar receives on average about 250,000-300,000.

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"After the war, in the event of an emergency, indeed, this is a wonderful mechanism that has proven itself well,” Komarov said.

“But in the long term, it is not the commercial basis for the development of the industry.”

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According to Kyivstar president, Ukrainian operators have very different competitive advantages, and in normal times national roaming doesn’t make commercial sense.

"Everyone has their own positioning, and national roaming actually removes elements of competition," Komarov said.

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