Tell Us What TikTok Life Hacks You've Learned That Have Made Your Life As An Adult Easier

In addition to entertaining users with videos that range from hilarious, to musical, to heartwarming, TikTok also offers content with useful hacks that make life as an adult a little less daunting.

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One example is this clip showing off how to wash and store fruit in order to reduce pesticides.


This is going to be a new series. I want to teach things I wish I had known in early adulthood. What do you want to see? I’m thinking how to fix simple things around the house, save time and money, etc. #adulting #kitchenhacks #kitchenhack #howto #lifehack #FomotionalFinds #cooking

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Viewers can try out the hack, which involves using water and baking soda, in a few simple steps.

TikToker karissaathome demonstrates how to wash fruit using water and baking soda
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Another helpful hack is demonstrated in this post about how to turn a bodysuit into a crop top.

Like so:

TikToker kristinakacheeva shows off how to turn a bodysuit into a crop top
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And this post provides guidance on a few subjects, including how to put a Band-Aid near the joint of your finger while retaining mobility.

The trick is to cut the sides of the Band-Aid lengthwise so you can place it on your finger while avoiding the joint.

TikToker lindsayroggenbuck shows how to alter a Band-Aid when you have a cut by the joint of a finger
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Now, it's your turn to tell us — what are the valuable life hacks you've learned from TikTok that have helped you function more efficiently as an adult?

Let us know in the comments below, and your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!