Telling Their Daughters Not To "Shave Above The Knee," And 28 Other Things Every Single Mom Does

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A few years back, I wrote a post about how pretty much every mom tells their daughter not to shave their thighs.

The post garnered over 1.3 million views, which made me wonder — what are some other weird phenomenas shared amongst mothers around the world?


Here are 28 more examples I found on the Twittersphere:

1.The phone case phenomenon:

2.The annoyingly skinny mom phenomenon:

3.The Pitbull phenomenon:

4.The Princess Diana phenomenon:

5.The shuffle phenomenon:

6.The GPS phenomenon:

7.The FaceTime phenomenon:

8.The stuffed animal phenomenon:

9.The green bubble phenomenon:

10.The sleep phenomenon:

11.The cleaning phenomenon:

12.The peeing phenomenon:

13.The volunteering phenomenon:

14.The "grabs your phone" phenomenon:

15.The swipe phenomenon:

16.The cold text phenomenon:

17.The zoom phenomenon:

18.The grocery line phenomenon:

19.The "old friend" phenomenon:

20.The brightness phenomenon:

21.The amnesia phenomenon:

22.The guilt-trip phenomenon:

23.The food temperature phenomenon:

24.The ellipses phenomenon:

25.The hair phenomenon:

26.The time phenomenon:

27.The earbud phenomenon:

28.And finally, the voice phenomenon:

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