tellmeGen DNA tests go deep — and they're $39 off at Amazon

Leah Stodart

TL;DR: This all-encompassing DNA test by tellmeGen is on sale for $160 at Amazon, a total savings of $39 when you add the clip coupon.

When you're sick or notice something off about your body, staying off of WebMD is as hard as staying off of your ex's social media.

Going to the doctor is always going be the best thing, but it'd be helpful to get a heads up if there's actually something to worry about. DNA tests with medical screenings can offer peace of mind, and one is giving 23andMe a run for its money: Take charge of your health with tellmeGen, a DNA test that does a super deep dive into your medical predispositions and inherited risks (as well as a regular ancestry test). It's regularly $199, but you can save $30 and get an extra $9 coupon at Amazon.

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Similar to the map you'd receive that breaks down your family history and ethnicity, tellmeGen's genetic map lays out your likelihood of getting some of the most well-known diseases (from issues in oncology, to ophthalmology, to gynecology). The info will be compared to the average risk of individuals of your same race, age, and sex in a specific geographic area. 

Worried about inheriting a genetic predisposition for a particular ailment? The test also cracks open possibilities of mutation or alteration in your DNA sequence to see if you're a carrier of a monogenic disorder like Tay-Sachs disease, mitochondrial hearing loss, or hereditary breast or ovarian cancer. Traits like hair color, drug or alcohol addiction, or lactose intolerance will also be tested.

The customization levels of this test are really something to see. Amazon customer breazwoman writes:

Regularly $199, you can save a total of $39 and get it for $160.

tellmeGen DNA tests go deep — and they're $39 off at Amazon
tellmeGen DNA tests go deep — and they're $39 off at Amazon

Save $39 on tellmeGen DNA and Health Predisposition Test Kit  — $160
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