Tempe Hotel Offers Free Rooms For Coronavirus Isolation

Lindsay Walker

TEMPE, AZ — A Maricopa County program is allowing people infected with or exposed to the coronavirus to safely isolate themselves for free at a Tempe hotel.

"It lets them recover. It keeps their families and loved ones safe at home," the county's emergency preparedness planner Jeff Nelson told Arizona's Family.

According to the outlet, a block of 30 rooms has been reserved and 20 are currently occupied. More can be reserved if the need rises, the hotel said.

"Last week we had a doctor here who was trying to isolate himself," Nelson said. “It's just people who have someone in their home who may be vulnerable."

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is safely delivered to each person and each room comes equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Some may have a kitchenette where people can make their own meals. On-site security and free transportation to doctor's appointments are also part of the deal.

After each 10-day isolation period is over, the county brings in a cleaning company to kill all traces of the virus before the room can be turned over to another guest.

Anyone looking for a place to safely quarantine will need to answer some questions on a county questionnaire.

This article originally appeared on the Tempe Patch