Temperature Roller Coaster Continues This Weekend

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- That wind just won't quit.

LAUREN WHITNEY: No, it won't. And on Twitter today, people are like, can you please make it stop? I just want to go outside. So Western Colorado, you guys have gotten a bit better, but the rest of us, my goodness, especially the Eastern plains, it is awful out there. There's no other way to put it. It's not fun. And it's going to still stay breezy tomorrow, but it won't be nearly as intense for many areas. But then it picks back up again on Sunday. So we do get a little reprieve on Saturday. It won't be totally calm, it just should be a little bit better than today.

We can still have some gusty winds along Berthoud Pass. It's windy in Northern Colorado and in the Denver area as well. We do have red flag warnings in place from Moffitt county down to Durango San Luis Valley as well through 9 o'clock tonight because it is so gusty out there still. So fire danger still high. Even tomorrow when the winds aren't as strong, fire danger is just going to be high because it's been so dry around here.

Satellite and radar for us-- there's a little bit of very light rain that's just popping through the eastern plains right now. You can see there's a bit more in parts of Kansas and Nebraska, so we're just getting, like, the tail fringes of that right now. But you'll notice the Western United States is very, very dry, so that means very dry conditions for us.

So our cold front from yesterday-- or from today, I should say-- keeps moving on to the Southeast where they have severe weather from that. And then we have another system-- a quick cold front that's going to pass through on Sunday. Another cold front this week, so that's why we get windy again on Sunday. And this one won't have any moisture with it, but it will cool us off again and bring us back, like I said, the wind. So it gets very gusty again on Sunday.

Right now, temperatures 50 in Denver, 55 in Fort Collins, 51 out in Burlington, 41 in Frisco, 52 in Craig, 62 in Grand Junction. And we have 49 from our Weather Watcher Bob Rising in Estes Park. Our almanac for today-- 50 our high today in Denver, 59 downtown. So still below normal. Yesterday, again, 70. We really saw quite the temperature swing. So we went from 70 to 50. But this month so far, we have had seven days above normal, one normal day, and one below normal day.

We're going to head into the weekend with some above average temperatures tomorrow, then below average on Sunday. And then next week is going to be a lot cooler around here.

31 tonight in Denver, 29 in Fort Collins, 20s out in the eastern plains. High country, lots of teens and 20s. And checking in with our temperatures on Saturday, we warm back up. The pendulum swings back the other direction. 69 in Denver and Boulder, 71 in Fort Collins and Greeley, 60s and 70s out east, 50s and even 60s in the high country.

And with these warmer temperatures, it does mean ski season is winding down. Sunday is the last day for many resorts-- Steamboat, Granby, Beaver Creek, Monarch, and Keystone. And then next Sunday, Aspen, Echo, Eldora, and Vail will open. So make sure you get your final runs in of the season if that's what you enjoy doing. Then we're down to the 50s again on Sunday, 50s on Monday, and actually, that should be 49 on Tuesday. So it gets a little bit wet around here along with much cooler temperatures.

- All right, Lauren, thank you.