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Temple University Makes Historic Selection For Next President

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Natasha Brown reports.

Video Transcript

- Temple University has a new president tonight, and it's an historic selection. His resume is impressive. Natasha Brown introduces us to Templte's new leader.

- Please welcome Temple's next president, Dr. Jason Wingard.

NATASHA BROWN: A new era of leadership, and an historical milestone for Temple University, as the institution welcomed its first African-American president. Dr. Jason Wingard's academic career includes teaching and senior leadership posts at Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University. But he has deep roots in the Philadelphia region. A native of Westchester Pennsylvania, he proudly steps into his new role and the gravity of his presence.

JASON WINGARD: I feel proud. I recognize the significance of me being an African-American president of a university that's 136 years old in a city like Philadelphia.

NATASHA BROWN: We got the chance to speak with Dr. Wingard one-on-one about issues he'll face when he starts on July 1. He's focused on being committed to service as Temple's chief ambassador.

JASON WINGARD: In order to be an ambassador, I have to listen. I have to experience. I have to make sure that I prioritize understanding all the pockets of success that the university has to offer.

NATASHA BROWN: Community involvement is also a main priority for a school that sits in the heart of North Philadelphia.

JASON WINGARD: Authentic engagement means you really immerse yourself in those communities at every level to better understand what their stories are, what their needs are, what their concerns are, what their experience has been with the institution.

NATASHA BROWN: Templte, like other universities around the country, will grapple with transitioning into a post-pandemic setting, as they prepare to welcome students back in the fall.

JASON WINGARD: As we return to campus in the fall, we're going to have to be very clear about what the new standards of learning are going to be.

NATASHA BROWN: Dr. Wingard accepted his new position flanked by his wife and five children, all beaming with pride as he takes the helm of this storied institution.

GINGI WINGARD: I'm so excited. We know so many Temple alums and students, and students that are coming in, matter of fact, this year. So I'm so excited to become part of the Temple family.

NATASHA BROWN: Natasha Brown, CBS 3, "Eyewitness News."