Temporary shelter for migrants opens in San Diego

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria along with other elected officials toured a temporary facility for housing unaccompanied migrants on Saturday. (March 27)

Video Transcript

- That's the high number.

- [INAUDIBLE] our program. We provide three meals a day, two snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

- I've been at this location 22 years. I've been here. As far as the safety protocols, [INAUDIBLE].

TODD GLORIA: We are here, because we were asked by the US federal government to provide a temporary home for young people, unaccompanied minors, who are at our US Mexican border, and who need a place to go that is safe and will keep them well cared for, while we do the important work of reuniting them with families or sponsors either here in the US or elsewhere.

- We're doing enchiladas and chile rellenos, vegetables, rice, beans, all that good stuff.

- [INAUDIBLE]. We're going to be prime and ready to go.

- Union jobs employees say, they have been out of work, and this is putting them to work. We're getting people back [INAUDIBLE].

- We will be welcoming exclusively female unaccompanied minors ages 13 to 17. The first of those young people will arrive this evening. We don't have a time specific at this point, and they will reside here through the middle part of July.