Ten more German Leopard tanks on their way to Ukraine

Leopard 1 tank

Berlin has transferred another military aid package to Ukraine, which includes ten Leopard-1A5 main battle tanks, the German government said in a message on its website Aug. 30.

Besides the tanks, the message outlined the contents of the package as follows:

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·       One TRML-4D air surveillance radar;

·       16 VECTOR reconnaissance drones;

·       Four HX81 truck tractors;

·       Over 13 million rounds of small arms ammunition.

The German government clarified that the supply of equipment comes from industry reserves financed by German funds intended for boosting its security capabilities.

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Earlier, Belgian media reported that on Aug. 7, the first Leopard-1 tanks were sent to Ukraine from Belgium, purchased by German company Rheinmetall. According to their information, the tanks were shipped to Ukraine after major repairs via Germany and Italy.

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