Tennessee man’s alleged crime spree ends when he calls parole officer with stolen phone

Police say the man stole a car, later grabbed a purse from another vehicle, shot at a woman after she confronted him about it and robbed two landscapers at gunpoint.

Video Transcript

- Timothy Key finally under lock and key at the Shelby County jail. The 21-year-old facing a litany of charges after investigators say he went on a crime spree.


- We first told you about him last week when police say he stole this gray Dodge Challenger from a Northeast Memphis home around 7:00 in the morning. Investigators say Key drove to this Cordova neighborhood hours later, where he shot at a woman while she was holding her five-month-old baby. Police say the victim ran to confront him after she saw him steal her purse out of her car.

DENNIS BOULDIN: It's unfortunate.

- Another incident happened earlier in the morning at a home on Fallstone Road in Southeast Shelby County. Deputies say Key robbed two landscapers at gunpoint, taking cash and one of the victim's phones before driving off in that same Dodge Challenger.

DENNIS BOULDIN: I sympathize with the victims.

- Dennis Bouldin lives across the street with his girlfriend and two-year-old daughter.

DENNIS BOULDIN: It could have been my stuff. My girlfriend could have been outside. She could have got harassed.

- Deputies tracked the stolen Challenger to a field near Mount Moriah and Hickory Hill Road. The vehicle was abandoned, but the landscaper's phone was laying in the grass nearby.

DENNIS BOULDIN: It's surprising.

- Deputies say Key used the stolen phone to call his parole officer before visiting his parole office that same day. Investigators haven't said much about what happened after that. But the discovery helped them take Key into custody without incident yesterday.

DENNIS BOULDIN: I'm hoping at least that he could realize the path he's on and kind of shift it around.

- A tough mountain to climb for a convicted felon who deputies say pled guilty to aggravated robbery in 2018. Now he's in more trouble.

DENNIS BOULDIN: I don't want to be a person's judge and jury but sometimes you got to sit still and reflect on what you did.