The Tennessee Titans Literally Lit Up the Field at Their Home Opener

Claudia Harmata

This NFL game was on fire — quite literally.

On Sunday, at the Tennessee Titans’ home opener game against the Indianapolis Colts, things started to heat up before the first kickoff when an actual fire broke out.

As the Titans ran out onto the field, their pyrotechnic equipment put on a fiery display to help pump up fans ahead of the game. However, the equipment glitched and caught on fire, scorching the surrounding field as well.

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“Following the pregame introductions today, there was a mechanical failure by one of the pyrotechnic devices which resulted in a fire,” the Titans said in a statement provided to PEOPLE.

According to ESPN, the device had shot flames “horizontally instead of vertically.” The blaze that erupted after the glitch let off large clouds of black smoke, caught in videos shared on social media.

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The malfunctioning device was located near the tunnel where the Titans emerge from during pregame festivities. That corner of the field was also evacuated, ESPN reported.

“The field staff acted quickly to extinguish the fire,” the Titans confirmed, adding that there were no injuries from the incident and only minor field damage. After the flame was put out, the machine was reportedly covered in sand.

The Titans were ultimately defeated 19-17 by the Colts on their crispy home field.