Tennis - Serena Williams vows no 'silence' on social injustice

Serena Williams shares the Open-era record of 22 Grand Slams with Steffi Graf, and is two behind Margaret Court's all-time record of 24 (AFP Photo/Luis Acosta) (AFP/File)

- Serena Williams vowed she would not be "silent" on issues of social injustice Tuesday as she reflected on the recent deaths of African-American men at the hands of law enforcement. In a heartfelt post on her Facebook page, the tennis superstar said she felt moved to speak out after being unnerved at the sight of a police officer while being driven by her 18-year-old nephew. Williams said her reaction had left her determined to speak out. "Why did I have to think about this in 2016? Have we not gone through enough, opened so many doors, impacted billions of lives? But I realized we must stride on -- for it's not how far we have come but how much further still we have to go," she wrote.