Tenoch Huerta Reveals The Truth About His Missing Bulge In 'Wakanda Forever' Final Cut

Actor Tenoch Huerta has been fans’ new object of affection since Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hit theaters. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) introduced the Mexican actor to its audiences as Namor, the king of the underwater nation Talokan. The wing-footed antagonist spent more than half of the movie in tiny swimming trunks, and no one is complaining. However, fans did complain about some alleged movie magic that made something disappear from the final cut.

Blavity previously reported on the outrage that some felt when they noticed a size difference in the bulge in Huerta’s shorts during the film versus the trailer.

The official trailer was released on Oct.3, and the obvious reduction had people wondering what happened to his fish stick?

A tweet from @Belovasoup created a firestorm: “GIVE NAMOR HIS PENIS BACK.”

The conversation around the edits included thoughts about double standards, costume choice fails and even prayers for the interns who had to minimize the actor’s member frame by frame.

The reasoning behind the edits was just speculation — until now. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Huerta weighed in on the missing weight in his speedos.

“The only thing I can say is: the original was the photo on the right. Without [the bulge]! That’s original,” the actor revealed.

We can imagine the screams of hopeful fans everywhere as he continued to reveal the truth.

“No, I mean, I’m not going to lie to people. Every man in the world, we have fragile masculinity, but not in that issue. I will say, the right one, the real one is the photo on the right,” Huerta said.

Although the new Marvel actor crushed some hearts with his response, there were so many more reasons to lust after the villain.

Six of those reasons could be his abs that he displayed in the film. Abs that MCU fans will most likely get to see again soon.

Huerta proceeded to tell Rolling Stone that the key to keeping his body speedo ready was watching his taco intake.

“It’s something that my trainer told me. ‘Okay, man, now you can rest, you can chill and take your time. But not too much, because if you have to play Namor one more time, you need to go through the same process all over again. So it’s better you take care of yourself and don’t get crazy with tacos.”

The actor ran through his workout routine with Men’s Health magazine during promotion for the film.

Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever hit theaters on Nov.11. According to Forbes, the film has raked in over $546 million worldwide at the box office.